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What is SHINE?

SHINE (standing for Selected Heritage Inventory for Natural England) is a single, nationally consistent dataset of undesignated historic environment features from across England that could benefit from management within RPA's Countryside Stewardship scheme.  Data about suitable sites is created by local authority Historic Environment Records (HERs) and fed into the national SHINE dataset.

You can use the 'Look up a Record' tab on top of this page to see the available information for a SHINE site shown on your CS or ES Environmental Information Map or HEFER. Enter the SHINE record number e.g. SA12345. This search can also be used to look up details of scheduled monuments, registered parks and registered battlefields. 

This dataset (which also appears on the Environmental Information Maps provided with CS application packs) shows applicants where selected historic environment features can be found on their holding. We hope that the SHINE dataset will result in more monuments being entered into beneficial management by farmers and land managers entering into Countryside Stewardship agreements. The SHINE dataset may be added to, and reported back to you, as part of the pre-application Historic Environment FER (HEFER) consultation process.

How do I find out more information about SHINE?

For more information about the dataset or the SHINE project, please use the Contact page on the left hand menu.

For more information about specific SHINE features shown or present on your Environmental Information Map, please contact your local Historic Environment Record

How do I get advice on historic environment features on my holding?
As a Countryside Stewardship applicant: The Environmental Information Map provided by RPA (as part of the CS application pack) should have identified some of the sites on your land suited to protection and management under the scheme.  If you have a Scheduled Monument on your land, you will be required to manage it, so you need further advice.  Your land may, however, contain many more historic sites and features than show on the current SHINE dataset, and you could be considering options that could damage those features. 

Outside of any Scheme obligations, as an interested party: If you require more detailed advice on the historic features on your land or more specific advice on site management, your local authority’s Archaeological Service or Historic Environment Record can usually provide assistance in the first instance.